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About UsGrowing up, I always wore plus size clothing. I hated walking into a separate section or, even worse, having to go to an entirely different store. I used to fantasize about creating a place where women of all sizes could find cute, affordable clothing...all in one store. There wouldn't be any different sections, and I wouldn't have to pay more for an item just because it was a size or two bigger.

Today, that place exists. It's Morgan Kade Boutique. About Us

I have always been an avid shopper. And since I've been a size 6, a size 26 and every size in between, I have experience shopping for almost every size.

I know the challenge of finding fashionable clothes that are age-appropriate. I know the struggle of finding clothes that cover my trouble spots without looking frumpy. And I know the frustration of wanting to look good and feel confident, regardless of what size what on the tag, and only finding options that looked like tents. I know about trying to find the balance between clothing that looks high end but is still affordable.

You know those pieces in your closet that you wear time and time again? The ones that you don't have to think about; you just know they'll look good on you. Some pieces in your closet don't get touched for weeks or even months, but then there are those that you turn to time and time again. Those holy grail pieces.

That's what I find for us. So, I hope you love your Morgan Kade pieces as much as I have loved finding them. I hope they make you feel every bit as beautiful as you are.












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